We are delighted to have completed most recent project with Noble Foods! 

ISF designed and installed an oversized sifter alongside a replacement belt-and-bucket elevator at Noble Foods, Finmere mill in Buckingham in order to increase the throughput of finished products to bulk storage bins.  

The oversized sifter is intended to remove oversized materials after grinding and before the mixing process. Handling 40 tonnes per hour, the sifter is designed and integrated into the existing process system which meant ISF had to reconstruct the connection chutes and supporting steelwork.  

This was installed over a two-day shutdown period at the site to ensure safety of both ISF and mill employees. We were very proud of the final product and were pleased to receive such great feedback from another happy client! 

“A big thanks to you and all your engineers for their big effort in difficult circumstances. I think to get it all going on day three was an excellent result and just what was promised.” – Stewart Brown, Chief Engineer at Noble Foods. 

To learn more about Noble Foods visit their website here: https://www.noblefoods.co.uk/