We provide engineering solutions to manufacturing and processing companies across the UK. Our expertise lies within the Animal Feed industry helping to maintain, repair and upgrade their mechanical systems and machinery.

We help our customers to solve technical problems and engineering issues. Offering a complete service from consultation through to design, manufacture and installation we provide intelligent and holistic engineering solutions to improve the process, quality and throughput of animal feed manufacturing systems.

What is Animal Feed processing?

Animal feed is a vital part of the UK food supply chain allowing British farmers rely on British sources for their requirements. Improving efficiency, and reducing costs, are all long-term savings passed onto the consumer.

The animal feed is manufactured by combining bulk raw materials such as grain, molasses, premixes and additives, with varying physical, chemical and nutritional composition to create a consistent) blended mixture, formulated according to the specific requirements of the target animal to  produce a desired nutritional response, such as growth or milk yield.

How We Work

Whether you need a bespoke piece of machinery, the refurbishment of existing equipment or a turnkey project, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide and deliver the solution and offer start to finish project management to make sure you get exactly what you require. 

You can review our designs before manufacturing the machinery to ensure it will work for you. 

ISF can also advise on a consultancy basis whether you have questions about the right solution for your problem, or simply want to better understand the options available to you.

To speak to us about the services we offer, or with any questions you might have, please email sales@isfyork.co.uk

Consultation and feasibility studies

Our team will assess and evaluate the mechanical design feed milling systems, ensuring that the machinery works as intended for the materials handling processes, problem-solving any issues and finding solutions to improve efficiency.

Using bespoke virtual modelling to optimise for specific requirements ISF can assist in verifying the viability of a process before sign-off to ensure results for its clients.


Our professional in-house design team utilising 3D Autodesk inventor and Autocad drawings to precisely map out what materials handling machinery you need. Our design team also offer technical support and ensuring that health and safety documents for each contract are compatible with CDM regulations and British standards.


We have a large manufacturing facility with fully trained sheet metal workers and steel fabricators.

Enabling ISF’s bespoke, joined-up approach, our design office is linked to the factory floor machinery via CNC technology, enabling high accuracy cutting and forming materials.


Our experienced team of installers will bring your machinery to you, fitting it on site to help avoid any unnecessary delays in your operations.

With years of experience in the feed milling industry we are used to working in all types of spaces to deliver a product you are entirely happy with.

As well as producing a standard range of products and bespoke equipment, we also provide tailor-made machinery to replace of existing parts and equipment, please see our product pages for further information:

"Superb installation of the new bin bottom. Myself and the company were very impressed with the quality and level of workmanship."

Ian Hollywood, Project Engineer, Thompsons of York

"Great job on the intake stairs. The lads were a credit to the company."

Animal Feed company, Newcastle Under Lyme

"A big thanks to all of your engineers for their big effort in difficult circumstances. I think to get it all going on day three was an excellent result and just what was promised."

Stewart Brown, Chief Engineer, Noble Foods

“The Judges were incredibly impressed with ISF’s passion, dedication and innovative approach to growing and developing their employees. Their application flew through and we were delighted to award the Innovation in Training and Development Award to such a well-deserved company – a true merit to the industry.”

Ian Birkinshaw, General Secretary at SHAPA