With over 35 years of experience, we can identify issues and provide effective solutions in your animal feed mills. 


 At ISF, we have experienced all types of challenges within animal feed mills, from redesigning product conveyors to upgrading machinery to improve throughput. We are dedicated to finding solutions to improve efficiency for your animal feed mill.


As part of our consultation and feasibility studies, our expert team will:


  1. Assess and evaluate the mechanical design in your feed milling systems, ensuring that the machinery operates seamlessly for optimal material handling processes.


  1. Find solutions to any issues that may crop up as part of the evaluation, with a key focus on improving efficiency for your feed mill.


  1. Produce arrangement drawings using Autocad and Autodesk Inventor, to create bespoke virtual modelling to optimise for specific requirements that suit your feed mill. We use this to assist in verifying the viability of a process before sign-off to ensure optimal results.


We can also advise on a consultancy basis whether you have questions about the right solution for your problem, or simply want to better understand the options available to you.

case studies


Nov 15, 2023

What was the problem? Our customer came to us because of ongoing issues with one of their conveying routes….


High belt & bucket elevator

October 15, 2022

We have recently visited United Feeds in Ireland to complete the removal & reinstallation of a new 20m high belt…


Upgrade to increase efficiency & throughput for bulk out loading

May 31, 2023

What was the problem? Our customer needed to increase its bulk out-loading capacity so that it could fill wagons…


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"Superb installation of the new bin bottom. Myself and the company were very impressed with the quality and level of workmanship."

Ian Hollywood, Project Engineer, Thompsons of York

"Great job on the intake stairs. The lads were a credit to the company."

Animal Feed company, Newcastle Under Lyme

"A big thanks to all of your engineers for their big effort in difficult circumstances. I think to get it all going on day three was an excellent result and just what was promised."

Stewart Brown, Chief Engineer, Noble Foods

“The Judges were incredibly impressed with ISF’s passion, dedication and innovative approach to growing and developing their employees. Their application flew through and we were delighted to award the Innovation in Training and Development Award to such a well-deserved company – a true merit to the industry.”

Ian Birkinshaw, General Secretary at SHAPA