In April, our Project managers David Hukins and Simon Manock travelled to Hemdingen, near Hamburg in Germany, to attend the Tietjen Global partners meeting.

Hosted by Tietjen at the beautiful Bokel-Mühle am See, the 3-day visit was a fantastic opportunity for their partners from around the world to come together for discussion about existing products, to view the range of potential new products, and to gain more information and valuable knowledge. This will enable the partners to better meet their clients’ needs and answer any queries when selling Tietjen products, ultimately resulting in a better experience for the customer.

We were kindly invited by Paul Sawczuk from the UK partner, Altrech. We attended as Pauls guests to gain a better understanding of the grinding systems; due to the excellent relationship we hold with Altrech. This relationship means that between us we are able to provide a full service to our clients, including our knowledge of product handling to and from the grinding system, and managing the installation itself.

Following a warm welcome from our hosts, the event kicked off with a tour of the Tietjen factory in Hemdingen on day one. This was followed by an extremely informative second day filled with presentations on products, and case studies to see the products in action. There was also a hugely insightful presentation by Forberg on their twin shaft paddle mixer.

On the third day we were taken on a site visit to a feed mill in Hamburg to see a Tietjen grinder incorporated into their clients animal feed mill.

We finally managed to squeeze in a little time to see some of the sights in Hamburg including the incredible examples of engineering at Elbphilharmonie concert hall, and St, Pauli Elbe Tunnel. Huge thanks to Paul for the invitation, providing us with the opportunity to access the wealth of knowledge and experience of the worldwide Tietjen partners. And to Tietjen for their exceptional hospitality. The event was a huge success with a lot to be taken from it.