We’re passionate about minimising our environmental impact and we’re also committed to improving greener outcomes and efficiency for animal feed mills across the UK.

Recycling & reusing

We make environmentally conscious choices wherever possible, from recycling paper and ink cartridges from our offices to reusing or repurposing offcuts and scrap metal in the workshop or on site. In fact, just this week our new apprentice Finley has been using scrap metal as training materials, helping him practice his welding technique – and just look at the fighter jet he’s made!

Sourcing sustainable

We source sustainable materials from our approved suppliers and ensure that all waste is collected and disposed of by our approved carriers. Nothing is forgotten about.


We’re committed in our efforts to make eco-conscious choices wherever possible, and supporting the British supply chain responsibly is something we feel that each member of the team should be empowered to strive towards. As such, all our staff are in the process of completing an Environmental Awareness training module through one of our long-standing training providers.

What we do

The work we do to improve production processes at our customer sites also plays a vital role in reducing waste, minimising harmful by-products and ensuring efficient use of resources across the feed industry.