What was the issue?

We have been working with a new Norfolk based client to upgrade their animal feed mill and enhance production of their high-quality animal feed.

They came to ISF initially following a recommendation, as they needed help in upgrading their press dump process which formed part of their pellet production facility.

What was our solution?

First of all our team visited the client’s site to understand their specific requirements and to assess the existing pellet production set-up, complete a survey and identify areas for improvement with the design of the existing press dump.

Pellets are made by raw materials being mixed and blended to make a product mixture which is then fed through a press to make pellets in batches. In this facility, to avoid cross contamination with the next batch of product, the left over mixture at the end of each batch was being dumped on the floor. This was then swept back down the finished product chute to be recirculated back into production. This was creating potential quality issues with the end product and posed possible health and safety risks for employees working in the mill.

Consequently, the main challenge was to design and implement chute work that would enhance the functionality of two presses in the feed mill.

The solution was to replace the existing chute that came off the EP diverter valve to a recirculation conveyor, with a receiving hopper that incorporated two inlets. This way anything that was being dumped from the press would go directly through the chute and to the recirculation screw, significantly reducing the manual labour required for clean up when dumping onto the press floor.

Both presses had different set-ups and so the new chutes were individually designed. The new chutes were fabricated in our workshop with precision and attention to detail.

The new chutes were then planned to be installed in phases over a two-day period, thus ensuring minimal disruption to operations and allowing uninterrupted production throughout the upgrade process. Safety bars were also designed, fabricated and installed so that when the press door was open no one could step into the void.

Despite the logistical challenges, the project was executed well within the scheduled timeframe with no unexpected problems.

The result

Through effective collaboration, planning, and precise execution, the feed mill’s chutes were upgraded for our client, elevating the efficiency and productivity of their facility and enhancing the quality of their products.

The upgraded chute work not only enhanced operational efficiency but also showcased our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Utilising stainless steel instead of mild steel required an additional level of finesse, held by ISF’s fabricators – and resulted in aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking chutes.

Our client said: “Everything is running smoothly and as it should. We were very impressed with your guys work and it was great to find a company who understand milling and the job required. We will be in touch again!”