What was the problem?

One of our customers in Belfast needed to improve access to their existing bin top conveyor to allow for easier servicing and maintenance.

Their original plan was to install a gantry alongside the existing 20m long conveyor to allow access in multiple locations. The only way to do this was to raise the full conveyor, including pipework modifications, to create enough headroom for plant operatives to pass under the new gantry, which would have caused significant plant downtime.

What was our solution?

We worked as a team to investigate the problem and come up with a more efficient alternative.

We designed and manufactured two mobile lightweight, aluminium platforms, that could be set up, moved and relocated by one operative, enabling easy access to multiple maintenance points along the conveyor.

There was then no need modify the existing machinery, meaning that the plant could continue to operate during installation.

The result

The customer was delighted that we found a such a pragmatic solution to the problem with the benefit of there being no interruptions to their production.