ISF recently supplied a Micro-Weighing Carousel System for a mill in the far north of Scotland.
This customer asked ISF to design a Micro-Weighing System that eliminated the manual handling of ripping and tipping numerous 25kg bags of various products.
The new ten bin system would allow the customer to buy economical big bag quantities of 1000kg instead of the smaller 25kg bags.
The system enables 1000kg bags to be lifted by a hoist to the bin tops, the bags are then placed above a mobile receiving hopper that has an integral filter unit that handles the displacement of air / dust caused by filling the bins. This unit then shakes down the filtered dust back in with the product.
Each of the stainless-steel bins have small screw conveyor Dischargers that feed a common weigh hopper. The weighed quantities are then transferred using a soft flight self-cleaning conveyor.